Friday, June 1, 2012

Rapunzel Progress

The bodice is taking shape. Most of it is basted in place, and just needs to be sewn down. Amazing what you can do during study breaks.
Lining and outer fabric have been sewn together. The outer fabric is cotton sateen: I found it in the furnishing fabric department of JB stores.

 Adding the piping. This is my first succesful attempt at piping. I used some polycotton lining fabric, cutting it into bias strips, then sewing three loosely plaited strands of wool into the strips of fabric. 
The piping is all basted in place. The modesty panel is there just to see what the finished bodice will look like.
 Here's the back. The darker lilac thing is a panel which I added to fake the look of the camisole she wears under her bodice. It's made of satin, interfacing and lining. I added a button just to see what they would look like. The buttons are all painted the right colour with acrylic paint.

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