Monday, May 28, 2012

Rapunzel Bodice

I am working on too many projects at the same time. as evidenced by this bodice.
The pink stripes are boning channels
This is the structure for Rapunzel's bodice (Tangled).
Front: the nice side of the lining. I didn't bother matching up the pattern, though if I had, it would have made a really cool reversible bodice.
Bodice: I used a Burda style pattern from their folk wear edition (March 2012 I think).
 I altered the pattern a lot by raising the neckline, making the sleeves thinner, removing the lacing at the back, moving it to the front instead.
The bodice base is some kind of furnishing fabric that frays like crazy. I added boning channel from some random pink lining material, cut on the bias. The boning is this thick plastic strapping material (yay recycling).
I'm cheating slightly by adding a modesty panel to go underneath the front, rather than having a camisole underneath (too much work, and too hot for summer time).
The bodice material is lilac cotton sateen. The modesty panel and the panel at the back will be made from dark lilac satin which I dyed years and years ago (I must have been 16 or younger)

Sleeves: I'll be using Burda's Danielle pattern (best pattern for big puff sleeves)

The lower sleeves look simple enough: a tube of organza/chiffon with lace at the cuff)

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