Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rapunzel updates

Long time no post, eh?
The moment my exams were over, I spent two days working on the skirt, the sleeves, and the piping.
 The skirt is made of what is apparently 'silk', but I'm not convinced that it's the real McCoy. The pattern is painted on with acrylic, and the centre panel is stained with more purple acrylic, to make it a distinct colour from the rest of the skirt. The pink ribbon is also painted on. I hand sewed the hem of the skirt with a blind hem stitch. 
Here's a detail of the pattern. All free handed. 
 here's a close up of the piping. I began sewing it in by hand.
 The pink stripes are also hand painted.
As is the embroidery. I actually made the sleeves a little too narrow towards the bottom, so I will have to add a button at the bottom of each sleeves to get into them.

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