Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Spirited Away

I had the time to work on some art (working on my portfolio), and decided to do some Spirited Away fan art. I watched the film again about a month ago: I'm amazed at how much I managed to forget (like the train, and Zaniba's seal)

The background was created by covering a piece of watercolour paper in washes of sepia ink, and leaving it to dry. This creating a sort of parchment effect.

Next, I photocopied my sketch, enlarging it to the size I want, scribbled on the back with a pencil, then transferred the picture by drawing over the lines of the photocopy with a biro. The photocopy was taped over the watercolour paper, so drawing over the lines replicated the image on to the watercolour paper. 

I made the lines on the watercolour paper more visible by drawing over them with pencil, then started colouring.

To do Chihiro's face and arm, I first had to paint over them with white ink. Once the ink dried, I used water soluble pencils to get the right colour for her skin. Her blushed cheeks were done by dropping a pink/red mix on to the wet paper.

I then painted her apron with white ink, waited for it try dry, and added shading. I then painted her pink uniform, and her hair. Her hair took a while: I ha to paint the lighter brown, wait for it to dry, then shade it with sepia watercolour, in order to get a look similar to cell shading.

Haku was next. All the white parts of Haku's body had to be painted with white ink/watered down acrylic, left to dry, then painted over with watercolour and water soluble pencils to get the right look. 

Haku's mane was created by colouring it in with blue and turqouise water soluble pencils. I painted over these with water to make the colour brighter. Once the right colour had been achieved, I mixed up a dark aquamarine, and used it to paint the shadows.

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