Friday, July 13, 2012

Skirt embroidery progress

Halfway done with the 'embroidery' on Rapunzel's skirt. Embroidery is in inverted commas because I actually painted it on, not having the patience to actually embroider. 
Before embroidery. My sewing machine's just been repaired, and I got it back yesterday, so at last I had a chance to over-lock all the edges.
To get the pattern, I looked at images from the film and pictures of costumes that other people had created. I measured the skirt and cut out a piece of paper the right length. Using my reference pictures, I copied the pattern on to the paper.

Originally I wanted to use my iron on pencil to transfer the pattern, but for some reason it wasn't working (has anyone else ever used Prandel's Transfer Stift pencil before? Have you had this problem?). Instead, I cut out the pattern pieces like a stencil, placed them over the skirt, and used some chalk to copy the pattern on both sides. Once this was done, I used a thin brush, and a mixture of acrylic and fabric paint medium to paint my embroidery.
I think it turned out pretty good.

I also had the chance to make a choker.

The cameo is made of Polymer clay, painted with acrylic and nail varnish. The base of the choker is a black ribbon. For decoration, I sewed on a pleated black ribbon. The choker fasten with a little chain and clasp, which were taken from an old broken necklace. This will probably be for sale on my etsy.

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