Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The Marianne Choker
 I love chokers. 
 They are such elegant necklaces, harkening back to Victorian glamour.

I made three chokers in this Victorian/Gothic style. The first is the Marianne choker available on etsy, named for Marianne Dashwood of Sense and Sensibility. 

The second is the Elinor choker, named for the eldest Dashwood. Also available on etsy
The Elinor choker
This is a much simpler choker, just a ribbon, a pendant, and a snap to close it.
This was the easiest choker to make. I just had to seal the ends of the ribbon, attach a small loop of ribbon to the choker, thread the cameo on to the main ribbon, and attach a snap closure.

Thirdly, the Marie Antoinette choker . . . because I didn't feel like calling it the Margaret choker XD This is available on etsy as well.
The Marie Antoinette choker
This was probably the most difficult choker to make, because I had to pleat the little ribbon and pin all these tiny little pleats down. This was actually quite difficult.

I had fun playing around with the macro setting on my mum's camera. I would like to get my own camera but I know nothing about cameras, so until I learn more I will continue to use this one.

If you are interested in these chokers, feel free to check them out on etsy.

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