Thursday, August 2, 2012


What should every Alice cosplayer have in their wardrobe? In my opinion, what's more important than playing cards, bunnies and bows is the petticoat. A good petticoat gives a typical Alice dress a lovely shape, rather than that droopy look.

Petticoats are not too hard to make for the intermediate sewer, depending on how many layers you add. A one layer petticoat is just a rectangle of tulle gathering to the right length. Anything over two layers is a lot trickier.

I have two Alice cosplays in my wardrobe already, and am planning a third, so I will be needing a petticoat. The only petticoat I had was one I made nearly a yea ago out of very soft tulle, which is not the ideal material. I also made the mistake of using chunky elastic for the waistband, which made the petticoat very chunky: it just didn't sit comfortably under my dresses. So it was time for a new petticoat. Besides, I had loads of tulle that needed to be used for something.

The petticoat is made from a mix of red tulle and burgundy tulle that i had. I made the mistake of making it from top to bottom instead of bottom to top (the latter is the correct method). Each row is made from a double layer of tulle. The waistband is a length of ribbon. The petticoat fastens with hooks and eyes, and I left a gap in the side to make it easier to get in and out of.

The bottom tier is made from 8 metres of tulle, gathered to 2 metres in len

gth to create volume. The waistband is a simple ribbon, folded over the cover the raw edges. It is 92cm at the waist, but can be adjusted to fit a waist of 75 cm.

You can order this petticoat from me. Colour, length, and material (organza, stiff tulle, soft tulle) are your choice, for 19 Euro. Extras, such as ribbons covering the seams of each tier, or an opaque underskirt, cost only 3 Euro more! Contact me for more details.

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