Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Square studded top

 Here's a project I've just finished.
The fabric was bought to make trousers for a cosplay. The material is some kind of synthetic material. It is very soft, and feels a little like velvet, though it is very smooth. I had a lot of it left over after making my trousers, and was wondering what to make with it. So I logged on to Youtube to get some ideas.

This is what I found
Oh how I love you, Secret Life of a Bionerd! She has some of the best tutorials. I decided to make a top similar to that she created in her video.

 There are a few differences between Bionerd's method and mine. I had to make the back bigger and add elastic, because my material is non stretch. I wanted my square to be very flowing, so rather than sewing their sides into the blouse's side seams, I added the squares after I had sewn the side seams.

I was also inspired by one of my favourite science fiction films: Serenity. In the climatic fight between River Tam and the Reavers, River wears a gorgeous khaki dress decorated with little studs (possibly brads?). 

I loved the design of the dress and wanted to pay tribute to it. I had a torn studded belt, so I removed the studs from that, and added them to the top.
This top is very comfortable. This was also my first time draping a pattern from my body form, and overall I am pleased with the result, though I had trouble placing the darts (you can't see them, but they're there, hidden under the squares of material). The material is synthetic, so it would probably be more suitable for evening wear (gotta beat the heat!).

I am considering selling this top, and offering similar tops on a made to order basis. Contact me if you are interested: leave a comment below.

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