Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sally Pictures

 FINALLY, I have pictures of me wearing this costume, with full makeup. They're not the best quality, but better than nothing, right?
 This photo shows my makeup quite well. The base makeup was cheap white face paint, which I am never using again because of how many coats I had to apply to get pale. I added different blue eyeshadows for the shading around the eyes and nose. The stitches are black face paint and eye liner. I used red lipstick, but next time I'll apply it more carefully.
 The only full length picture I have. The costume is not entirely accurate: I wore tights in case it was cold, and Victorian style boots.
The wig looks glorious. It was quite easy to put on, and it stayed on WITHOUT hair pins.
So that was my Halloween. How was your Halloween? What did you wear?


  1. Love your costume. The wig is my favourite bit, looks magnificent, great job!