Monday, November 5, 2012

Pilot is coming

I forgot to mention this in my last journal, but Malta Comic Con 2012 marks the release of the second issue of Pilot!

What is Pilot?

Pilot is a brand new comic anthology. It began between a few local artists, starting as what felt like an idle day dream of self publishing, before it gathered speed and took life of its own. Our aim is to promote the local comic art scene, and to promote comics as an art form in Malta. Comics are sorely under-appreciated in Malta, often viewed as childish stories and not 'true art': we would love to show that comics can and do constitute 'true art'. Pilot isn't restricted to Malta: it will be published in English, so as to reach out to the international scene.

The title has a double meaning. The name 'Pilot' was inspired by 'Flight', a well established, not to mention award-winning, comic anthology. The name also refers to the fact that this anthology is a pilot production: the first of its kind in Malta.

Many of the contributors to Pilot are students. While we contribute as much as we can to the project, we have our financial limitations. 

The profit we make from selling the comic goes right back into funding Pilot. We make no personal gain from our work.

This year's theme is Medieval , and Pilot's pages will be full of knights, witches, hunters, harts, maidens, lions, and unicorns. If you want a glimpse of things to come, have a look at the Pilot facebook page There's some amazing stuff by :deviella: and :devta-min: among many other talented artists, and tons of page previews and concept art.

So if you come by Malta Comic Con this year (8/9th December) please come to the Pilot stand to check it out. And who knows? You might get to see me in appropriately Medieval dress

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