Sunday, December 23, 2012

Late but Lucky: Petticoat

Almost all of Alice's outfits in the game require a petticoat beneath them to get the skirt to stick out. This skirt is no exception. The only petticoat I own is a bright red which comes down to my knees, but me being me, I just had to make a new one.
I followed Sugardale Clothing's Tutorial . The material I used is some kind of curtain liner, which I took from a skirt I had made (that was time consuming, because I had to remove all of the black ribbon I used to decorate it, but worth it in the end $$$ XD).
The waistband is covered with a ribbon I had in my stash, and closes with hooks and eyes. This is the second petticoat I've made so far, and quite an improvement on the first, probably because I realised that petticoats must be sewn from bottom to top, and NOT the other way round. Doing it top to bottom caused me a lot of irritation with the red petticoat. This petticoat has a good amount of volume, and is well constructed. I double turned all the hems before sewing the petticoat together, so that there would be no fraying. I learnt my lesson from the skirt that was eventually turned into the petticoat. I didn't do French seams or flat felled seams on that one, and it began tearing and fraying very quickly.
Check out the chemise. I found it, along with a matching pair of bloomers, in the chest of drawers. I think it belonged to my grandmother, and its in really good condition. I thought it would be nice to have ''Victorian'' style underwear for this costume. 

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