Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Malta Comic Con Part 2: Let's Get Down to Business

Welcome back for part 2 of my Malta Comic Con 2012 post. This time, I'll be discussing how we made our cosplays.

Earlier this year we settled on doing Mulan, Yao, and Ling (me)'s warrior outfits. This involved making kimono-style tops, trousers, and armour, among other items.
The tops are made of some kind of coarsely woven calico from the furnishing fabric soft texture, but is very thin: we wore tights underneath for warmth. All the yellow material was found in the bargain bin, and is some kind of cotton. The black material is also cotton.

 This is the breast-plate. The armour plates are cardboard rectangles. They all have holes in the them, and are 'sewn' on to the breastplate with wool.
 The same technique was used for the armour flaps at the bottom of the breastplate
 These are the side plates
 This is the shoulder armour. It attaches to the main body of the armour with loops of wool, which the shoulder straps are threaded through (this is easier to understand if you see a photo)
 Here is the back piece

 This is what the armour looks like on the body form.
 This armour took a while to make, because of all the paper mache and 'sewing' of the plates.

The finished armour looks like THIS:

Yeah, I had to paint my eyebrows on. It's still there three days later: it makes me look like Conchetta the Spanish Nun. 

We came second in the skit contest, which is good when you consider that the people who won had forged their own swords. Seriously. They were amazing, and had a sword fight on stage: I thought at one point they would decapitate each other.

The rest of Comic Con was good fun: I had a table next to Pilot and Ben Templesmith (the artist for 30 Days of Night: nice guy).
 I wore Alice and Ling on Sunday. You can see me trying to sell my Babydoll costume (it doesn't really suit me any more)
Pilot girls! Though we're not actually an all girl group: our cover artist and one of our comic artists are male XD.

THat's all for now

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