Monday, December 10, 2012

Malta Comic Con Part 1: Medieval Times

 Medieval dresses a-go-go! Some of my friends asked me to make them Medieval inspired dresses for the launch of this year's issue Pilot Comic Anthology. I had a table next to their stand at Malta ComicCon, which made signing all the issues a lot easier. Book signing is more tedious than you would think, because you have to make sure the ink is dry before you shut the book.

Let's talk about the dresses first.
I only sewed two of the three dresses made, though I helped cut out the other one. These are all based on kirtles, and i used tutorials found here and here  
This dress is made of some kind of velvet. I decorated the sleeves with gold satin bands.
This gown was more complex, and required me to make a gathered skirt and a lace up front, and to work with fur. Do not underestimate the power of fur: it gets everywhere, and makes you sneeze. I based this dress on this tutorial here  
But it does look pretty. I used one piece eyelets here to save time. There's a modesty panel here that fits on to the dress with snap fastenings. 
See, fuzzy? We basically ignored historical accuracy and went for the 'it looks cool' aesethetic.

Here are the dresses and their models.

THat's all for now. Stay tuned for pictures of my cosplay!

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