Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Harley Quinn Skirt

A while ago, I decided to use all the red stretch satin languishing in my collection to make a burlesque inspired bustle.

It was hideous.

Really, really hideous.

And i hate to waste nice material. The satin had a nice shine to it, and had to be used.
And then I hit upon it: a Harley Quinn costume.
I wasn't going to make an exact copy of one of her costumes, but an interpretation. This probably is not especially original: a big fluffy circle skirt, and a corset top; but it's a simple and inexpensive costume: i have almost everything needed for it.
 I based this skirt on Angela Clayton's tutorial   You create a circle skirt pattern (your waist measurement is the circumference. Radius=circumference / 2 x pi. Using this radius, you draw a quarter circle. Then decide the length of the skirt, and make your radius longer, then draw another quarter circle). Angela Clayton recommends cutting out 4 circle skirts to get a super fluffy skirt, but I didn't have enough material, so only cut 2 circle skirts.

I then began sewing all the pieces together.

NExt: applique time! Fusible webbing is a great invention. 

To hem the skirt, I made facing. There are two ways of making the facing: you can either place the edge of your skirt on a piece of cloth, and trace the shape; or you can cut out a thin rectangle of material, add interfacing, and add darts to make the piece of cloth curve. I used both methods and they both worked fine. Sew on the facing, turn it to the inside of the skirt, and stitch it down: you can either understitch, or topstitch. I topstitched. 

I then made a waistband, gathered the skirt to fit the waistband, and sewed it on. Then on went the lining of the waistband, and finally, a zip. I nearly broke the zip by pulling of the zip pull. I had to open it up slightly, and slide it back on. 

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