Monday, March 11, 2013

Harley Quinn Corset

 The panels are all cut out and nearly ready to be sewn together. 
 The red material is satin, and the black is velvet. Both materials were bonded with Heat and Bond to canvas (recycled from some curtains) for strength. 
I heavily modified a Burda pattern to create the corset pattern. I'm going to try and make a single layer corset, so the raw edges will be covered in bias tape, and I'll be using tough ribbon or non-fraying cloth to make the boning channels. I have silver grommets for the back, and lots of black ribbon for lacing. 

This is going to look so cool when its finished. For shoes, I was thinking of wearing these kind of black Goth boots or red Doc Martens, with stripy thigh high socks in black and red, possibly teamed with black and white tights for a more eccentric looks.

By the way, is Harley's hair platinum blonde or golden blonde? 

I have both a platinum (not the one in the picture, but the same colour) and a natural blonde wig (see below), but I'm not sure which to use. i was thinking of going for pony tails with clip in red streaks.

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