Saturday, March 30, 2013

Harley Quinn and Late but Lucky Photoshoot

Yesterday, some of us local cosplayers got together for a photoshoot. Its rare that we have a chance to meet up for photos, because we tend to have conflicting schedules, so whenever we have a chance to meet like this, we jump on it.

We got very lucky, because a friend of mine volunteered to do makeup. I was very grateful, because both of my looks needed a lot of makeup. 

 I finally have decent pictures of the Late but Lucky dress. 
 It looks gorgeous-I am so pleased with it. The jacket sleeves are a little narrow, but it looks good on, and isn't uncomfortable.

 These knife shots took forever. I threw that knife about twenty times. There are some shots of me looking very derpy as I fail to catch the knife.
 This is just a field in Swatar-you would never expect to find it there. Swatar is just this big suburb, very built up, but you can stumble upon fields in the middle of the development.
 The only mistake we made with these photos was not orientating ourselves correctly with the sun, so there's a bit of glare in the pictures.
 More knife throwing,

We then returned to our SECRET BASE and got changed for the urban themed shoot. Took a while, because Alice's outfit has about ten different items. 

 The mask is stuck on to my face with eyelash glue. DO NOT DO THIS. It works, and isn't dangerous, but I then got glue in my eyebrows, and quite a bit of hair got pulled out when I removed the mask. Ouch.
 The skate park is a great place for photos, even if we did get some weird looks (to be fair, we were dressed as the Cookie Monster, harley Quinn, and Rocket from Sucker Punch). 
 The graffiti is amazing.
 And there are parts of the park that are quiet enough to hold a photoshoot without skaters and bikers sliding into shot.

I messed around with XiuXiu Meitu online and made this comic page edit. I love XiuXiu: it is so much fun to use.

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