Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tulle Monster: the revenge!

My next planned costume is . . . 
I began this a while ago, probably last year, but quit because the skirt was a disaster, and was stating to look like a plate tutu. I asked a few other cosplayers, and one of them was kind enough to explain that she made her tutu separate from the dress 

Whenever I have a costume that involves a voluminous skirt, I end up with a monstrosity of ruffle tulle lying on the floor.
Eventually, it became THIS. I used Sugardale's tutorial for this, but had to adapt it to work for 6 tiers. I basically made the lowest tier about 8 metres (I know!), the next 1 a metre shorter, and so on. To be honest, it's not the best method for a big petticoat like this one. If i ever make a similar petticoat again, I'll make it like a normal tiered skirt without worrying about ruffles, then make the ruffles separately and sew them on top. 

Would anyone be interested in a proper tutorial on making this skirt?
 I do like the way the skirt turned out. It's HUGE.
The next step is figuring what the heck is going on with the bustle Alice has. 

Also, I love this wig-not entirely accurate for Alice, but gorgeous. Has anyone had any experience with this seller?


  1. You should defiantly make a tutorial for the skirt. I don't know when I'll be working with tool right away, but it's always good to know where to look for a tutorial.

    1. Well, once my exams are done i should have plenty of time to make tutorials :)