Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cosplay Throwbacks . . . San

When? This is an old one, made all the way back in 2010 for a local cosplay event.

How? The dress is made of a purple long sleeve top. The top was also used to make her headband and the bands around her arms. The tunic is an old pillowcase, dyed in tea. The jewellery is made of polymer clay and pasta pieces. The mask is paper mache. The cape is a sheepskin pinned to the shoulders. The spear is card tape over the stick, and cloth wrapped around the top. Ugg boots were used.

Has it aged well? Surprisingly well, yes. The dress is a little short, and the material is definitely not suitable for the character (c'mon, jersey, in the forest?). The sheepskin looks great but its damn heavy. The jewellery still looks good. The mask is a mess, and has become warped. Its also very thin and flimsy looking. The tunic still looks good, and the boots are inaccurate.

Would I remake it? YES! San is one of my favourite characters, and I always have fun as San. 

What would I change? I'd remake the dress totally from cotton. I might remake the tunic too, since it is quite flimsy. The mask has to be remade totally, perhaps using paperclay. I'm not sure how to hold the mask on to my face, though. Perhaps I'd make the boots from scratch, since the Uggs look a bit incongruous. 

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