Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cosplay Throwback: Dinah Wherever

When? This was completed by January 2012, but begun a few months before.
How? I bought a matching jacket and skirt from a charity shop, and removed all the trim and zips. The jacket was taken to pieces, and altered to make a bodice. This was sewn to the skirt to make a dress. I made the sleeves more puffy by adding elastic at the ends. The apron was made from a shirt. I took the shirt to pieces by cutting it under the arms to make the skirt of the apron, then used the other pieces to make the top of the apron and the straps and pockets. The skull was painted using acrylics mixed with fabric medium. I added a few eyelets in the top of the apron.

Has it aged well? Quite. It looks nice in photographs, if not entirely accurate: for example, I think the dress should be longer and the skirt wider. I'm very pleased with the apron, though.

Would I remake it? Probably not. Once was enough. I'm not passionate enough about it to remake it. If I ever want to cosplay Dinah again, I'll choose a different dress: probably one of the ones from book 6. 

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