Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cosplay Throwback: Giselle

When? Oh, this one takes me back . . . all the way to 2010 XD
I liked Enchanted, and for some reason I wanted to make Giselle's curtain dress.
I have no clue. I guess because it was difficult and I like a challenge? Whatever. I tried to make it.

According to Lady E's blog Lady E's blog, the dress used in the film was made of embroidered silk and chiffon. Due to my budget, this translated to me buying heaps of aqua coloured cotton and curtain lining. Quality materials- what are those? Even the wig was cheap. I also bought some very nice lace from local shops from the trims.

I actually drafted my own pattern. It wasn't too horrible, though the fit at the back left a lot to be desired, because it ballooned out when I put on the zip and looked very ugly. The dress also lacked the flow of the one in the film because I didn't make the panels quite wide enough. The white part of the dress was just slightly gathered rectangles of white curtain lining over pink lining material.  The flowers were all made of lining material painted with acrylic paint.

Has it aged well? 
No. Mainly because I cut it up to use in other projects. But even just looking at the photos, it looks old, and not at all accurate. I didn't even attempt the embroidery, and skimped on the materials, though that may be a good thing, because I wouldn't have know how to handle nice cloth like silk or sateen.

Would I remake it? 
Probably not, mainly because there are other Disney characters I like more, such as Merida and Mulan, though Giselle is still very funny and sweet. It's a shame, because I have the perfect pattern for it. I do like the style of the dress, so I might try my hand at an open regency gown.


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