Friday, December 5, 2014

Malta Comic Con 2014

So Malta Comic Con's over. That's the last local convention for 2014. I'd say the (very short) convention season ended on a good note, at least in terms of cosplay. The turnout was excellent, and the quality of the costumes was fantastic in general. 

The contest was also much better organised. The judging criteria were much clearer:
Audience impact was a little hard to gauge, because everyone applauded each cosplayer, but the other criteria wee very clear. The judges also asked us questions about our costumes, and gave us a chance to explain exactly what we made, altered, or bought. I think we lost a few points for not completely sewing all of Jenny Flint's costume, not making our own prosthetic, and using cheap plastic swords - my sword was particularly flimsy, and actually fell to pieces on stage. Darn cheap plastic katana.

I think my favourites that day were Lady Thor, the Bioshock Infinite couple, and Annie from League of Legends.

  I've been planning to enter as Madame Vastra with my friend as Jenny Flint for a year now, and we finally debuted our costumes. I think we look pretty darn good. 
 The makeup took about 90 minutes to apply, and I was amazed how well it turned out. Another friend applied most of it for me. I don't think I could have done it without her. The prosthetic is stuck down with spirit gum and blended with liquid latex. Once everything was dry she covered it with green face paint and added details with more paint and some eye shadow.

Because I was so busy with the makeup, and only got to St James Cavalier at noon, I didn't see very much of the con. I had a look around the tables and chatted with various artists and creators. Got myself a copy of Pilot: Mythology, and very nice Tank Girl t-shirt too. I also tried out a demo game: The Adventures of Scottie. It was made by some friends of mine, and it looks like a lot of fun.

We came third in the costume contest (Group Pose category), and I don't mind too much, considering how good the second and first place competitors were. First place were a fantastic Bioshock Infinite couple, and second place were a Magi couple. So many couples this year :)

 I didn't attend the second day of Malta Comic Con, partly because my Female Titan costume is nowhere near ready, and partly because I had other commitments. Oh well, maybe next year. I'm already thinking of all the costumes I could create :) . . . 
Photographs were taken by the talented Sven Farrugia:
He took some amazing photos of the cosplay contest and of cosplayers at the convention

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