Monday, January 12, 2015

Lady Loki: Walkthrough

The main reasons I made this costume:
1. I love Loki
2. There's a bunch of fabric that I needed to use up. Below is a picture o this green silk that I have. It's a bit stained, but I think that works for Lady Loki. I also had some whitish fur scraps and gold satin.

The first and simplest step was making the fur collar. i made a paper template and fiddled with it until it look right, then cut out the fur pieces and sewed them together. I made a mistake when cutting the fur by using a rotary cutter. It sliced through the hairs and now the back of the collar looks very choppy. I need to try evening it up.
Next came the bustier. This is a Burda style pattern. The lining is gabardine, and I used an old tablecloth to add structure to the bust. The bones are plastic. The outer layer is green silk.
For extra glamour, i added gold bias tape and laced the bustier closed with gold eyelets and cord. The fur collar is attached to the bustier with hooks and eyes. I forgot to take pictures, but there's also a loin cloth with this costume, also made of green silk and gold satin. I need to alter it so that it's adjustable.

 Finally, the armour. I kept it simple: just a helm and bracers. The helm is foam, wire, cloth, paper mache, and a bit of polymer clay on the horns. There's a wire structure in the craft foam to help it fit my face. There's also wire and foam in the horns.
There's also wire in the bracers. I thought they would be able to hold their own shape, but I was worried that they would fall off. I added eyelets and ribbon to help hold them on.

This costume was also meant to include a cape, but I got lazy.

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