Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Summary of 2014 Projects

Better late than never, eh?

Non-costume Projects: I think black and grey was a theme this year
Aristocrat Dress: Kind of a disappointment. It's too long, and not very flattering. It would look better on someone taller for sure. The skirt sure if ruffly, though
Hooded Dress: Very pleased with this one. I had to take it in over and over again, but it fits snugly. This dress is now for sale: 
Black Gothic dress: urgh, I should have put a side zip in, and made the waist smaller. Also, the grommets all split. 
House Stark Bag: Made this for a private client on etsy who still hasn't got back to me. If anyone wants it, let me know. 

Two Twenties inspired dresses (now sold). The beaded dress was a labour of love. I spent at least 24 hours in total beading the darn thing. The satin dress on the right was also a challenge. The material frays easily, and slips all over the place.

Bring on the costumes
Daenerys "Khaleesi": Simple to make. I followed Threadbanger's tutorial. I used a sack-cloth type material for the top, loin-cloth, and overskirt, a thin suede-like material for the belt, and made the belts from craft foam and card. I think if I made another Daenerys costume I will tint this wig blonde: it's just too white. Sold.
Retro Catwoman: Didn't actually wear this costume because it's was too revealing. Sold.
Bombshell Harley Quinn: I altered a lot of pieces for this, and used up all the jersey in my scrap box. It's a cute costume and I love it.
Fionna the Human: Another costume where I bought and altered the clothes. I made the bag (gave to a friend), hat, and socks (a bit loose on me)

Rat Queen: I am so proud of this one. i made just about everything. I've never made a corset with a busk, and this was mostly successful. The busk is a bit tricky to close because the cloth on the knob side is a bit too thick.
Sailor Mars: Remade this costume because the Sailor Moon voice cast visited Malta Expo. Very popular costume. It was interesting working with lycra. I would love a serger though, because it's difficult to move knit material through the sewing machine. I had to sandwich the pieces between lengths of tissue paper to get it through the machine. Sold.
 Madame Vastra: Another costume where I made most of the pieces. Won a prize with this one :) Now for sale in my etsy shop:

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