Friday, April 17, 2015

Sakizo's Juliet: Part 7: Head Dress

I stayed up late last night to make this head dress. Sadly it turns out that the Short Film Festival at Medieval Mdina has been cancelled. Oh well, I will still wear the costume at Medieval Mdina, so I'm glad I finished it.

The first step was to make a plastic frame. i forgot to take photos, but it is basically two longer pieces of plastic (similar to bones for corsets) glued together at the ends to make a hairband, with short pieces of plastic glued along the empty space in the middle to help support it. Then I glued foam to the head band on both sides to pad it. Next I stuck a piece of lining material to the underside.
 I then cut a piece of velvet big enough to cover the head band. Next I pinned it into place and hand sewed it to the lining to keep it in place.
 It looked like this when I was done:
 Next step: decoration. I sewed on gold flowers and lace ruffles, then glued on half pearl beads.
 More decoration! White puffy trim, more lace. gems, miniature masks, pearl beads. This is not entirely accurate to Sakizo's design, but I didn't really want a head dress that went under my chin. 

 The very last step was to sew on ribbons to tie it closed. Looks quite pretty, doesn't it?

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