Sunday, May 3, 2015

Costume news aka Bodysuits are HARD

One of my planned costumes for this year was Asuka, but sadly I don't think that will be happening. 

I tried working on the pattern today, and found it really difficult. I have a lot to learn about sewing bodysuits, and Asuka is probably not the best costume to learn on. So now I'm left with quite a lot of stretch fabric and a bodysuit pattern. I was thinking of turning it into a Harley Quinn costume, but if anyone has suggestions, share them below.
The good thing about making a Harley Quinn costume is that I have enough fabric for it, and a blonde ponytail wig, though I need to add volume to the ponytails. I also have a giant hammer. The other thing I would need to work on is ENERGY. Last time I was dressed as Harley I found it hard to stay in character because of how energetic she is, always moving around and talking loudly and having fun. I can do that, but often I'm quite quiet. Her accent is also a bit tricky; I need to watch some more episodes of the cartoon to really pick up her accent :P

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