Monday, June 1, 2015

Costume Thoughts: Akuma Homura

NB. SPOILERS for Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion Story

I really like Puella Magi Madoka Magica; from concept to music, I think it's fantastic. Two of my favourite designs from the anime (and subsequent movies) are Ultimate Madoka (Godoka, or Madokami) and Ultimate Homura (Devimura, Akuma Homura, Homucifer). Today, I'll be talking about Homucifer.
I am pondering making this costume, and am wondering about how to make the bodice.
The bodice is strapless, with a low v-shape in front. 

initially I was going to make a corset, but then I saw the back of the dress: it is essentially backless, except for one strap.

Now i'm wondering what is the best method to use:
1. Non stretch fabric, very structured, edges held down with sock glue or similar
2. Stretch black material, maybe in the form of a leotard so that it doesn't ride up.
3. Adding flesh coloured panels to either the stretch or non stretch method. This method seems like a good method, but I worry about finding material that matches my skin.

I did have a look at the woks of other cosplayers, but it is tricky to see how they achieved the bodice. One managed to make a non stretch bodice with fabric panels (mesh, I think) that matched her skin. Others look like they've taped/glued theirs down.

Other points: the feathers. It would be prohibitively expensive use make an entirely feathered skirt. It would also be difficult to maintain. I think tulle or chiffon shaped into triangles would create a similar effect (the picture below is an example). I would  sew a floor-length overskirt that is much shorter in the front from black material, lined with galaxy fabric. An easier way of doing this would be to have 2 skirts: one short one, and one long overskirt (like a bustle). Due to the layers of "feathers" the separation of the skirts probably wouldn't be too obvious.

Next, Homura's accessories: the gloves, shoes, arm bands, hair ribbon, and stockings. The stocking's aren't too hard to find. I've found "backgammon" stockings that look good: you can buy them in white and black, or purple and black, or tint them with poly-dyes. I've also seen people use Argyle print thigh highs, or use tights with a smaller diamond or checkered pattern.

The arm bands can be ribbon or cut from the same fabric as the bodice and tied on, or attached using elastic. The bow looks like it is attached to a hair band, so I would personally tie a bow with maroon ribbon and stitch or glue it to a hair band. You can buy black gloves, though if you want them to perfectly match the bodice you have have a hard time finding a perfect match, unless you want to make your own gloves.  
Homura's shoes remind me of ballet slippers. I think the simplest way to make them is to stitch thin black elastic to flat shoes.
Finally, Homura's wings. These are quite unique, and have a very mechanical appearance. I think these could be made of craft foam or even real feathers. I'm not sure what I would use to make the "wing bones", nor how I would attach it; possibly clear elastic?

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