Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Harley Quinn Part 2: The Hood

Although I've seen plenty of people cosplay Harley's catsuit without the hood, I wanted to make one. My blond wig with ponytails is not the nicest, and I also wanted to keep my costume versatile. The hood is probably fine for winter but would be too hot for summer (the whole suit is too hot for summer, but nevertheless)
I made the pattern by wrapping a styrofoam head in clingfilm. I then drew the lines of the hood on the clingfilm and cut it out. I then copied the pattern on to the lycra. I also created a pattern for the horns by measuring the height and length, then drawing a horn shape.
 I had to add a dart of the pattern to make sure it would lie nicely over my head. The collar isn't in the photo, but you need that too to make a neat hood.
 I think next time I make a hood, I will make it a bit longer, because this barley covered my hair line. To hem the face opening I used elastic. I sewing the elastic to the right side, then turned it under and top-stitched with a zig zag. This creates a neat edge. I added the collar; that was quite easy. I also added a zip to the back of the hood. 
To finished, I handsewed the horns to the hood. 

To create the pom poms, I cut out circles from white fleece.
 You need 4 big ones for the hood, and 12 little ones for the collar. 
 Sew them closed except for a small gap, then flip them inside out. Then stuff them and handstitch them shut. 

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