Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Harley Quinn Part 3: Collar

Ah, that jester collar. I think this could have been nicer, but I really wanted to use up my white lycra.

 The first step was to make a pattern. i traced the neck shape from the catsuit pattern, and took a piece of paper and draped it around the bodyform, then drew the petals out. I played with it until it looked right. 
 Once i had the right shape, I traced it on to my fabric. I cut out 2 pieces, then serged them together. 
 I then cut out a hole in the middle so that it would slip over my head.
 I added a collar by creating a rectangle of lycra, then adding darts to make it fit. the collar helps to hide the gap between the hood and the catsuit.
The last step was pom poms Remember these?
 . Sew each pom pom to the collar petals. 

The lycra doesn't lie perfectly flat, but it saved me the trouble of adding a zip.

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