Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Harley Quinn Part 4: Cuffs, Gloves, Boot Covers

I was lazy about taking photos, so the cuffs, gloves, and boot covers are being crammed into one post. The boot cover patterns was made by me wrapping by foot in tape and paper and drawing where I wanted the seam lines to go. The pattern was originally made for Asuka, but works for Harley. I'm using wedges for extra height. . 
 These boot covers aren't perfect, but I've never tried making ones like this, so for a first go this is pretty good. The red one is less stretch, because i laid the pieces wrong. But I can wiggle my foot in.
 Super lazy photo. Here are my gloves and cuffs. I made the gloves by tracing my hand, cutting, and sewing. Make sure to leave extra space when you draw around your hand, or the gloves will be too tight. The cuffs were made in the same way as the ruff I made for Sakizou. You take a strip of cloth and mark where you will sew down the ribbon, then tack the ribbon down. I added velcro closures to the cuffs. 

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