Saturday, May 28, 2016

Cosplay Throwbacks: Rapunzel

When? Back in 2012, though I never actually wore this costume and sold it soon after making it.
 How? This was made from cotton sateen, some kind of furnishing fabric, chiffon, faux silk dupioni, and a pair of tights. I painted a lot of the details with acrylic paint and fabric paint, such as the "embroidery" and the stripes on the sleeves. 
 i think the skirt is a half circle skirt. I painted on most of the details 
 I think the design looks surprisingly good, considering my lack of experience with fabric painting 
 This was also one of the first costumes I made which I used piping and tried to make sure that all the edges were properly finished. 
 I also tried to make this as accurate as I could, but did take a few short cuts; for example, instead of making the lilac corselet a full piece, I turned it into a stomacher and a panel for the back; both of them attach to the main bodice with snaps. 
 Has it aged well? Hard to say, since I made it so long ago and don't have many good photos. I think it looks quite good. 
 Would I remake it? It was fun to sew, but I probably wouldn't remake it. I would, however, remake the miniature clay Pascal that I made (sadly I can't find photos!)

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