Monday, May 9, 2016

Cosplay Throwbacks: Wonder Woman

When? 2013. I made this for Malta Comic Con.
 How? The corset is made of stretch velvet because that was the only nice red material that I had at the time. I made a Tudor corset using plastic boning and some kind of twill. The shorts are made of a slightly stretchy star print material. I made the pattern myself. The Belt, Bracers, and Eagle are made from the back side of a piece of vinyl that I spray painted gold, then attached to the costume with snaps. The bracers close with velcro. The tiara is made from craft foam; I painted the star red with nail polish. THe bootcovers are made from the same stretch velvet as the corset, and white lycra.

 Has it aged well? I think it looks quite good, though if I made a Wonder Woman costume today it would make a more realistic version. If I wanted to keep to the classic design, I would alter the shorts to be slightly more flattering and use a bustier pattern instead of the Tudor corset.

Would I remake it? I'd love to make another Wonder Woman costume, but probably not this variant. I like Gal Gadot's costume in Batman vs Superman, and I've seen some Xena-inspired designs that look great.

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  1. Cute! ^^
    I don't know the character (sorryyyyy) but I think that the wig's color fits you really well!
    This reminds me that I want to cosplay characters with glasses too... XD


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