Sunday, May 8, 2016

Cosplay throwback: Lady Gaga

I made the American Flag bikini from Telephone in 2010; I think it was for Notte Bianca. I made the Red Leotard from an event in 2011 (JapanEase) - I wore the latter for a Joker/Harley "Bad Romance" skit (hence the cake: it was for Puddin' and Harley's anniversary - and a really convenient prop for all the backup dancers to hide behind before we made our appearance). These are two of my earliest costumes. 
American flag bikini: I chopped up red and blue t-shirts, painted on the stars and stripes with acrylic paint, and stamped the little stars on to a piece of blue cotton for the headband. The top is fastened with snaps. The wig is a cheap Halloween wig. I think I attempted to paint the star on my face with a silver lip gloss and black eye liner.
Red leotard: Made from an old red jersey dress. I made a leotard pattern - I think I traced around some shorts and a t-shirt. The cowl is just a rectangle of fabric sewn into a tube. The belt was black stretchy fabric and felt.
 Have they aged well?
Ehhh . . . the Stars and Stripes bikini hasn't. It's pretty ugly. I didn't even keep it-I think it got chopped up for another project. I think the Red Leotard was more successful: it fitted and looked pretty good.
 Would I remake it?
No. It was fun to wear these, but I don't have any particular desire to revisit Gaga. 

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  1. Cute! ^^
    I don't know the character (sorryyyyy) but I think that the wig's color fits you really well!
    This reminds me that I want to cosplay characters with glasses too... XD


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