Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad: T-Shirt

I've slowly been making progress on Harley Quinn's Suicide Squad outfit. If Suicide Squad is anything like Batman v Superman (allegedly) is, then  I'll be disappointed, but I still like this bizarre costume. 

The Shirt
I mixed fabric medium with acrylic paint and painted the areas that I wanted red. I used masking tape to mask out these areas. Once all the paint dried (with some help from a hair dryer), I painted the other side. I watered down some paint to create the ombre/blotchy effect. I made the sleeve blue by wetting part of the left sleeves, then mixing up watered down blue acrylic. I dipped the lower part of the sleeve into blue paint mix - the blue paint naturally is absorbed by the wet fabric, creating a natural ombre effect. Unfortunately, the red stripes were not perfectly dry, so I also have a few red streaks on that sleeve. 
Once all the paint was bone dry, I ironed the shirt to set the paint. I printed out the logo (I think I found it on the sorry girls tumblr), and drew on the back of the paper with pencil. By rubbing the front of the paper with a pen, I transferred the outlines of the letters to the shirt, then used fabric and permanent markers to colour it in. 
I cut off the collar and shape the neckline a little. I’d rather not distress the shirt as I’d like to wear it to university, so I left it as is. I had to alter the collar a little, because I made a mistake when I was painting the shirt. I stretched out the shirt too much during painting, so it dried stretched, and was gaped a bit at the neckline. I pinned and sewed a small dart - simple fix.  

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