Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Over the Garden Wall Cosplay: Progress 1

Been a while since I updated, but I have been working on a few projects. I've almost finished styling a wig, and sewn about 50% of my Beatrice costume. 

The Wig
1) Here’s the wig I bought. The ponytails are quite thick, so you will have a lot of wefts to work with. 

2) You should only need a single ponytail for Beatrice’s bun. I’m keeping the other ponytail for a different costume. 
You also need something to wrap the wig hair around. I bought a hair donut, but it was too small. I cut the donut open, and I took so old socks and twisted and sewed them to form the other half of the donut.
3) Remove the ponytail from the clip, then use a seam ripper to remove the wefts. 
4) I used hot glue to attach the hair. It’s best to use loose hair, unless you can somehow hide the stitching of the wefts. I cut off the threads of the wefts. Glue the hair around the donut as best as you can.
5) My bun was a little messy, so I used hair spray to try and hold down all the little fly away hairs.

Not sure how to attach this to the wig. Maybe wig clips or hair pins? 
The Dress
I spent most of my holidays sewing this costume. 
Pattern was a Burda style regency pattern: I don’t think it’s a historically accurate pattern but it looks great. b
The light blue material was found in a thrift shop. The white organza came from a curtain remant, and the slightly darker blue is actually that I used on the neckline. So far the dress looks quite pretty, though for some reason the under-stitching didn’t work as well as I hoped it would, as at the moment the lining keeps rolling out. This may change once I put a zip in. I also need to finish tacking on the sash, and to make the light blue under-dress. 

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