Monday, January 25, 2016

Harley Quinn: Suicide Squad 2016: Quick Update

I'm still gathering supplies to make this. So far I've got a white shirt, red dye/permanent markers (not sure whether to use dye or markers for the red parts of the shirt-I think I'd like to make a test shirt to see what it looks like). I also found some really nice trainers which I prefer to Harley's strange Adidas high heels. 
I've got a blonde wig at home which I might be able to alter to a ponytail wig, and dye. That leaves the shorts, tights, and accessories. That belt buckle confounds me: I'm tempted to buy worbla and fashion a fake buckle, and manufacture a belt that closes with snaps. And for the shorts I'll need to look at fabric prices before I decide how to construct them. I like living in Budapest but there's a surprising shortage of stretchy sequin material :P 

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