Saturday, June 3, 2017

Improptu Reviews: The Spanish Billionaire's Pregnant Wife: Chapter 10

The Spanish Billionaire's Pregnant Wife: the Final Chapter! Finally, we are at the end of this nonsense.
Of course the broody Spanish billionaire owns a Renaissance-era Tuscan villa. And of course he has a ton of similar houses all over the world. Bloody typical. 
The love-birds (ick) are mooching around. Molly wants to know more about not-so-perfect-perfect-dead-wife. Leandro's marriage to perfect-dead-wife was miserable: what a twist!
And now, an apropos of nothing quote: "Shut up, or you'll get ravished on the stairs" Molly warned him."
Also, Molly's breasts are apparently "globes": if you look in the right place you can spot Albuquerque.
Bla bla sex scene bla bla "slow, insistent rhythm" bla bla "excitement climbed to torturous heights" etc etc "pressed his mouth to her shoulder, muttering incomprehensible words of Spanish". Ay caramba!
Also apparently all the women in the vicinity of the Tuscan villa "fancy the socks off" Leandro.
More information about not-so-perfect-perfect-dead-wife. She and Leandro were good friends but miserably married because of her terrible dark secret . . . that she was secretly gay. Plot twist!
More quotes: "I like it when you're out of control" Molly whispered, ready to take shameless liberties with her exploring hands." I'm half expecting a "Blazing Saddles" style joke: 'Ma'am, that's my elbow'.
Time skip! We leap forward about two years. Apparently Molly's half-brother owns a Greek island as well as a helicopter (probably to annoy Leandro: my island is bigger than yours!".). Molly now has a toddler, Leandro has his heir, and everything is just dandy. Julieta is now dating someone RICH and not sexy estate manager. She's can't date POOR people: what if she catches poverty?!!
Molly's still pals with platonic room mate Jez, but I guess he got over her and got himself a non-platonic room mate. Molly also now has a business selling (presumably) over-priced pottery.
The book ends with Molly and her extended family sitting around, enjoying being rich. THE END.
Moral of the story: It doesn't matter if they're possessive, entitled, rude, uncommunicative . . . if they've got money, marry them! Buy a jet. Have sex on that jet.

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