Saturday, June 3, 2017

Improptu Reviews: The Spanish Billionaire's Pregnant Wife: Chapter 9

Chapter 9 of the SPanish Billionaire's Pregnant schmuck.
Leandro is moody again. Even firing sexy estate manager hasn't cheered him up (this book only has room for one sexy SPaniard, you know). Leandro is SO concerned about Molly that he CUTS SHORT HIS MEEETING to fly home! (wow, such devotion!). 
He discovers a note that Molly left for him: "'Sup Leandro? Turns out that I've got a long lost family and they're loaded! Laters! PS. My half-brother's got a helicopter."
Julieta tearfully confesses to Leandro that she was having an affair with sexy estate manager, so Molly is off the hook.
Meanwhile in the "unashemedly luxurious pool house" at Nikolai's London home, Molly is chilling by the pool with her newly discovered, super rich family. Molly's father was apparently a Greek tycoon, meaning that she is now LOADED.
But then Leandro shows up: "A masculine dream . . . her breasts swelled and her body tingled back to life at the mere sight of him".
Shock horror: Leandro APOLOGISES to Molly for being a jealous jerk. "Her treacherous body was already reacting to [his] interest with a hot pulse in her pelvis". Jesus Molly, focus!
Bla bla bla "how could you leave me?" bla bla bla you don't lovee me bla bla bla your mother in law called me a gold digger bla bla but I love you bla.
"THis was the guy she loved, the guy she missed every hour of the day." Needy much?
But Molly's a STRONG woman and she's not convinced that it will work out. Molly's half brother turns up and bickers with Leandro: bla bla my helicopter's bigger than yours! Oh yeah, well I have a jet!
Needy, horny Molly shudders at the thought of divorce: she's got her claws into that hunk of cash, and she's not letting go - I mean, she loves Leandro and wants to have a family with him.
Leandro goes to his one true love: a bottle of whiskey. Molly suggests that they go on holiday together to work on their marriage. Also Leandro has to make an effort or something.

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