Saturday, June 3, 2017

Improptu Reviews: The Spanish Billionaire's Pregnant Wife: Chapter 8

Time for more "The Spanish Billionaire's Pregnant Wife". 
Molly's doing pottery in the studio that sexy Spanish estate manager set up for her. But hwat's this? She's still angsting! Also her "boyish slenderness" has gone, cos' now she has a "protuberant little mound": ew, that's a weird way of talking about your bump. 
Also "Leandro had embraced every change in her body with masculine enthusiasm" . . . "He was a very lusty guy".
But sex, jewels, fancy clothes, and pottery aren't enough for Molly: she wants Leandro to call her when he's on business trips, and to tell hr about his perfect dead wife.
Platonic Jez suggests that she should come home to London, but Molly's going to hold on to her man, cos' "marriage is for the long haul". That's right Mollly. Dig your claws into that sinking ship, because clearly the best thing for your child is two parents who can't stand each other.
Also her mother in law still hates her.
Julieta turns up to invite Molly to go clubbing. Even though "pregnants clubbers weren't exactly cool or fashionable", Molly's going to get down and funky. And - what a coincidence! - she finds a picture of her sister, Ophelia, in a magazine. Ophelia is apparently married to a rich Greek tycoon and is rolling. Molly then mopes about her tragic past, when mean old Granny Gladys refused to look after Molly: "Your father was a foreigner . . . who jilted your mother at the altar . . . it'll be much better for us all if you're adopted". Guess Granny Gladys didn't need Molly and her enormous emerald eyes. Molly then facebook stalks Ophelia - oops, I mean, researches Ophelia!
Meanwhile, Leandro is brooding at the bank. He gets the wrong idea about Molly the house elf and sexy estate manager, Leandro is moody (what's new?). Molly and Leandro bicker some more, and Leandro decides that he can't let Molly drive when she's angry, so he PICKS HER UP and shoves her in his car . . . this book :(
So Molly goes out clubbing, and decides that sexy estate manager is a gold digger who's after the family fortune. Takes one to know one, Molly.
Molly wakes up the next morning and gets a call from long lost Ophelia, and discovers that she also has a rich half-brother. She now she has money - I mean, family! But what's this?! Oh no, the paparazzi got photos of Molly looking like a complete moron on the dance floor. Leandro accuses her of cheating on him with sexy estate manager. oh, the drama.
Leandro huffs off to Geneva. Molly mopes, then her newly discovered half-brother offers to pick her up in his helicopter and fly her to England for a visit. As you do.
But what's this? Molly discovers a hidden packet of birth control pills! Guess Leandro's perfect dead wife wasn't so perfect after all!
Her half-brother lands his helicopter on the lawn (probably ruining the landscaping - what a douche) and off they go.

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