Saturday, June 3, 2017

Improptu Reviews: The Spanish Billionaire's Pregnant Wife: Chapter 7

The Spanish Billionaire's Pregnant wife strikes back! You thought I had given up, didn't you?
So, on to Chapter 7. Oh no, poor miserable Molly had to sleep in a separate room from moody Spaniard on her wedding night! Her only consolation is that her marriage was consumated on his private jet. Classy.
Sexy Spaniard's sister Julieta turns up to take Molly shopping, because - oh no - Leandro is at work. Pass Molly a banknote to cry into - how could he leave without saying goodbye to her?!!!!!
". . . the last thing her child needed was a mother who lacked self esteem". Could it be . . . is this book being self aware?
But what's this? Leandro's mother doesn't like Molly one bit, calling her a "scheming, gold-digging little tramp!" Sounds about right.
We also discover that Leandro's dead wife was perfect and everyone loved her.
So Molly goes shopping and buys herself a dress to match her house-elf-like eyes. It's probably as tacky as her wedding dress was.
Leandro turns up bearing a box of jewels, and gives her pearls and diamonds. On to a fancy party! Julieta's decided that Molly, the woman she's known for about one day, is her new best friend, and confides a secret in her: she's been secretly dating the sexy estate mananger Fernando! Shock, horror!
Flirty Fernando turns up and flirts with Molly. Confronted with an overdose of sexy Spaniards, Molly can't take it anymore and faints. Leandro is jealous and moody. Molly reveals part of her TRAGIC backstory. There is much brooding. They bang: lots of "soft pink lips" and "You want me, querida" and "You feel like silk, gatita!"
Spare me

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