Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Etsy: Chokers

Hello world. I've uploaded some new items to my etsy shop.

Bottlecap Lace Choker
Firstly, this bottlecap choker (don't ask me why it is rotated-blogger seems to have a glitch). I found a bunch of pink Diet Coke bottlecaps in London, and snatched up as amny as I could (to the surprise of passers by). I turned this one into a pretty beaded pendant, and sewed it to this strip of stretch lace (salvaged from a pair of leggings).
Mechanical Marvel Steampunk Lace Choker
Secondly, this steampunk style lace choker, with a gear shaped pendant. I originally made this for a steampunk costume, but the time has come for it to find a new home. The lace is the same kind used for the pink bottlecap choker.

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