Sunday, April 8, 2012

Medieval Malta

The Medieval Malta event is coming up soon. I have no clue what it will be like. I'm hoping for a Ren Faire sort of atmosphere. Anyway, Pilot, a comic anthology group that i am involved in, will be there, trying to get publicity for the next volume of Pilot, which is Medieval themed.
This means that I have an insanely short amount of time to come up with a costume.

LUCKILY, I can cheat a little bit, thanks to a blue faux velvet dress I bought in a charity shop a few months ago.
The dress is the perfect colour, and close to the shape I need.

 Arwen: perfect Medieval costume. The dress I have is too tight and doesn't has the drape or train of her dress, but it will do just fine for a costume. If the costume doesn't look so good, in the future I can make an overdress from nice velvet. This would be closer to how the original dress was constructed: the sleeves are part of an underdress. the blue velvet dress lies on top: I've heard it described as a jumper.

Oh, random sketch from my sketch book.

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