Thursday, May 18, 2017

Cosplay Throwback: Bellatrix Lestrange

Way back in 2010 for a Christmas costume party. 
I bought a stretchy black velvet dress and added silver puff paint to the top to mimic embroidery. I made a corset from pieces of a leather skirt (this was back when Threadbanger did sewing tutorials, so I used instructions from their Pirate costume video).

 The sleeves are made from velour with eyelet tape sewn on. Everything is laces together with black wool. The necklace is made from polymer clay and a length of wool. 

Has it aged well?
Not really ,since I disassembled most of it for other projects! It looks very handmade in the photos, but has a certain charm to it, except for my hair, which looks very sad. My hair is actually difficult to curl: it is very straight and thick, and though I can make it wavy, curls are usually beyond me. I also hadn't discovered back-combing at the time. My makeup skills have certainly improved since then!

Would I remake it?
As interesting a character as Bellatrix is, I don't particularly wish to remake this costume. If I do, it will be an interesting experience to see how far I've come in seven years of costume making.

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