Monday, May 1, 2017

Marceline Abadeer: Henchman Dress

This was actually made as a test piece for the Flower dress (haven't actually uploaded a blog post about that dress because I want to get proper photos of it). I wanted to check whether the pattern would look good. I didn't actually add bones to the bodice, but it still looks all right. The bodice is made a striped velour, lined with cotton. The pink sash is made from cotton. 

To emulate the spikey look of the dress in the episode, I sewed on some black lace (I think it's called Guipere lace or Venise lace?). 

We used Snazaroo facepaint, but I didn't seal it properly and it rubbed off: luckily this was only a photoshoot. If I wear this costume to a convention I'll need a proper sealant. 

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