Saturday, June 3, 2017

Improptu Reviews: THe Spanish Billionaire's Pregant Wife: Chapter 5

The Spanish Billionaire's Pregnant Wife: Chapter 5
A very rushed summary of chapter 5: it's all I had time for. But what a chapter it is. Choice quotes include: 
"Her dress was unremarkable, fitted enough to hug her rounded breasts and just short enough to reveal shapely knees and accentuate the high heels she favoured to combat her diminutive height." (shapely knees?)
"enormous emerald green eyes" (so, like Dobby the house elf?)
"that full quivering pink mouth that he only had to look at to get hard and ready" (jeeez, what is this kink?)
So Spanish dude and dumbass waitress meet at a fancy restaurant, where Molly is "stiff as an iron bar trying to bend". Spanish billionaire is jealous of platonic Jez, Molly's dear PLATONIC bestie since their days as foster kids.
Spanish billionaire is such a dick. He calls Molly argumentative then threatens to leave the restaurant when she raises her voice. Remind me why these two should get together?
Also, apparently Spanish Dude's "freezing glance . . .chilled her fury with the efficiency of a bucket of ice". Classy.
And then, DUN DUN DUN: Molly reveals that she is PREGNANT! Spanish rich guy is shocked! This is a surprise: surely diminutive Molly is too diminiutive for a uterus to fit in there!
And of course, Leandro the SPanish rich douche insists on marrying her, because he needs an HEIR. Because he's a DUKE. A douchey duke who states that he can't give her love, only piles and piles of money to weep into. Oh, and there's no possibility of divorce. Oh, and if she refuses he'll fight her for custody. What a charmer.
So off the "happy" couple go to the gynaecologist to confirm that Molly is indeed knocked up. Molly buys a tacky wedding dress, and gets called into a soliciotr, where a MYSTERIOUS STRANGER has left an anonymous offer: refuse to marry SPanish money machine, and in return, get 2 million pounds;
Joke is on you, mysterious stranger: the pounds value just fell :P
But our "heroine" wants her child to be legitimate, so she rejects the offer. WHo could the MYSTERIOUS STRANGER be? Could it be PLATONIC Jez, or the Spanish ATM's snobby family? Will we ever discover? Who cares?

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